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If you are here - it is because you need to process credit and debit cards for your business. And more likely you are tired of the companies trying to sign you up to a contract which suits them more than it suits you. Web Maverick are a ethical company who charge realistic prices for everything it does.  There are some warnings that we will make you aware of:

Firstly Web Maverick may seem on the face of it a little more expensive than maybe you have had quoted elsewhere. However our rates incorporate all the fees that others will not tell you about. Some companies offer a headline rate - but load the actual account transaction charges with additional costs.

Our rates are as follows.


Personal Debit




Fixed Terminal


*Per month Plus VAT on
36 Month Lease


Personal Credit




Wi-Fi Terminal


*Per month Plus VAT on
36 Month Lease


Auth Fee




Online / Moto


*Per month Plus VAT on

12 Month Lease

How many companies have you seen that openly show what the rates are on a website? There is a reason for that. We have many years of experience within the financial services market. Every company that offers Card Processing does it differently but the overriding common factor is each "salesman" either get a huge terminal commission fee for signing you up to a long contract or get a "cut" of every single one of your transactions.

Find that hard to believe or incredible? Look on any job board and search for Merchant Services Salesman and then look at the salary (if there is one) or the OTE (On Target Earnings). Where do you think the money that these guys earn comes from? yeah you got it YOU

Now we are not going to sit here and say we do not earn from you ordering through us. We do. But we are happier earning a little from a lot of customers instead of a lot from a few. As long as we earn enough to cover the costs of us doing it then we are in fact happy. What makes us even happier is that you our customers get a good deal.

We ask three things from you.

  1. Please do not ask us to lower the above rates for you. If we get the opportunity to lower the rates we will do it for everyone.
  2. Make sure this is for you. If you don’t pay there are financial consequences for you. We don’t want you to sign up and then
    get into trouble paying the terminal rental.
  3. If you after a while decide that you got a really good deal from us - then please spread the word.

We can offer a range of terminals from the best UK suppliers.

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